What is her sin?

What is her sin?

That she can’t go out with friends,

She can’t be friends with boys,

She can’t speak for herself?

What is her sin?

That she’s being judged for staying out late,

She’s being judged for wearing what she likes,

She’s being judged for going out alone?

What is her sin?

That she ain’t treated equal to her brothers,

She is loved by her family,

But she ain’t equally free?

What is her sin?

That she is considered immature to make her decisions,

She can’t do what she wants,

She can’t be who she is?

What is her sin?

That she’s forced to marry without her consent,

She’s supposed to be a people pleaser,

She’s bound to be quiet and polite?

What is her sin?

That she’s taught to be sensitive and emotional,

But when she is in love with someone she’s wrong,

That her feelings and choices aren’t valued?

What is her sin?

That she’s supposed to know how to cook,

She’s supposed to be the perfect bride,

She’s treated as an object just to give birth to children?

What is her sin?

That even when she takes care of everybody at home,

When she fulfills their wishes,

When she showers them with love,

She is still not appreciated?

What is her sin?

That she’s a toy for the hungry men on the streets,

She’s being used,

She’s being exploited?

Is she being a girl her sin?

~Latika Mishra (गुलनाज़)💌


With him

They ask me where I see myself in 10 years…

I say “I don’t know.”

Because I don’t.

But ask me where I see my heart in 10 years,

Or even 50,

I’ll surely reply “With him.”

~Latika Mishra (गुलनाज़)💌

She ain’t perfect

She ain’t perfect.

She doesn’t possess those big brown beautiful eyes,

Neither does she have that mesmerising smile one falls for at first sight.

She doesn’t possess that model figure,

Neither does she have that perfectly glowing skin.

She doesn’t possess that intimidating confidence,

Because she likes to keep to herself.

She doesn’t possess that silky smooth hair,

Neither does she have those perfectly shaped long nails.

She doesn’t possess popularity,

Neither is she the girl on everyone’s mind.

She doesn’t always have her shit together,

She falls apart a hundred times but also puts herself back together all by herself.

Yes, she ain’t perfect;

But damn,

When she loves she’s a hell of a woman.

She loves until it hurts,

She loves with each breath of hers.

She loves fierce,

She loves soft.

When she loves,

There’s no one as perfect as her.

~Latika Mishra (गुलनाज़)💌

Love is gender free🌈

She met a girl last summer,

Who had the brightest smile around town.

One look at her,

And she forgot all about the world.

She understood her fear,

Holding her hand gave her strength.

Her mind may again be full of anxiety,

But she could calm her down.

Her talks therapy to her.

Her touch medicine to her broken heart.

Her breath peace to her soul.


They’re both women,

Brave enough to fall in love with each other,

Their love pure gold.

~Latika Mishra (गुलनाज़)💌

Whenever he needs her,she’s there

When he’s sad,

He looks for her shoulder to cry upon.

When he’s lonely,

He looks for her to hold him in her arms.

When he’s angry,

He looks for her words to calm him down.

When he’s tired,

He looks for her fingers to caress his hair.

When he’s asleep,

He looks for her in his dreams.

When he’s happy,

He looks for her hand to hold.

When he’s had too much of the world,

He looks for her eyes to get lost in them.

When he’s unsure,

He looks for her opinions.

When he’s lost,

He looks for her to find him.

When he falls,

He looks for her to catch him.

When he wants to fly,

He looks for her to lend him her wings.

When he can’t fall asleep,

He looks for her voice cuz it’s his lullaby.

When he’s had too much to drink,

He looks for her so he can say all that he can’t say sober.

When he’s sober,

He looks for her for an escape from reality.

Whenever he needs her,

She’s there…

~Latika Mishra (गुलनाज़)💌

तुम्हारी याद

भले हर बार तुम से मुलाक़ात ना हो हमारी,

मगर इन फ़ासलों से भी नज़दीकी महसूस होती है।

तुम्हारी सलामती की ख़बर भले ही ना मिले हमें,

पर दिल तस्दीक़ करता है कि सलामत हो तुम।

भले ही तुमसे गुफ़्तगू ना हो हमारी,

मगर चाँद तो फिर भी हमसे तुम्हारी बातें पूछ ही लिया करता है।

कभी किसी रात फ़ुर्सत से पूछना तारों से,

चाँद तुम्हारे बारे में उन से कितनी गुफ़्तगू किया करता है।

~Latika Mishra (गुलनाज़)💌